Each House of Diamonds product is uniquely beautiful and handcrafted with care using high quality, locally sourced textiles unique to Indonesia. 


At House of Diamonds we combine Kantha hand-stitching, a style of embroidery with a deep-rooted history in Asia, with Indonesian textiles ... pairing modern fabric design with age-old techniques.  Kantha stitching creates motifs or patterns on soft fabrics, giving the cloth a wavy effect.  Each HOD quilt is made from layers of hand-stitched cotton and/or rayon, and it takes approximately 23 hours for a skilled artisan to complete one large throw.  


In Indonesia, Ikat patterns are unique to their region of origin, and even individual weaving families frequently have their own signature look. Ikat means to "tie" or "bind" in the Indonesian language. The process of making Ikat includes several stages: spinning the thread, binding & dying the thread, stringing the loom and weaving the cloth (australiamuseum.net).  An experienced weaver requires 10 hours to complete 3 meters of woven Ikat fabric.


Batik is a wax-resist process used to dye fabric. Batik artists apply wax with a tool called a "canting", using a drawing-type technique, or by printing the fabric with a copper stamp. After the wax has been applied, the fabric is submerged in coloured dye which is absorbed into parts of the cloth not covered by wax.  The wax is removed using boiling water, and the process is usually repeated several times to create the desired patterns and colours.